The Eclipse

This romantic nightmare thriller takes place in the beautiful city of Cobh, located on the southern coast of Ireland. Michael is a woodwork teacher who volunteers at the local literature festival. Chance brings him together with Lena, who is there to read from her new book ”The Eclipse”, which is about supernatural phenomena. Since Michael lost his wife to cancer he has been haunted by visions of ghosts. When he is assigned to be Lena’s driver and guide he seizes the opportunity to ask her all the things he has been wondering about. Lena has previously had an affair with her egocentric colleague Nicholas, who is also at the festival. Nicholas expects Lena to fall back into his arms but she finds herself rather seeking the company of Michael.

Danish Iben Hjejle, most known as Laura in High Fidelity, plays Lena magnificently and both Ciaran Hinds and Aidan Quinn have been widely recognised for their parts as Michael and Nicholas. The Eclipse contains a startling amount of symbolism. Every detail is measured, every angle has its reason.

Celeste Sjölin

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