The Disappearance of Alice Creed

A good sign that a director has a bright future ahead of him is self confidence. J Blakeson’s kidnapping thriller is his first feature and it positively glows with self confidence. With merely three actors and a few scenes to mention, the film lifts us into a close knit and paranoid world where trust and betrayal are the focal point.  

What at first appears to be a linear story where two rough bad guys brutally kidnap the daughter of a wealthy businessman is soon unraveled into something much more complicated. The three main characters soon start manipulating and conniving each other and soon enough even the audience is confused about where the story will finally end up.

In the role of Alice is Gemma Arterton from Clash of the Titans and The Prince of Persia.

Blakeson has understood that a smart and low budget thriller plays on the audiences’ feelings and expectations instead of building on absurd scenarios that are as unstable as a house of cards.

To pull off a production of this sort takes confidence as mentioned, but also great focus to prevent a collapse. Blakeson certainly proves that he has both.

Joakim Sten

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