The Devil’s Business

the devil's business
Nearly all horror is built on anticipation and imagination.
Remember how it was when you were told a scary story as a
child? How holding out for the end was both fear and fascination?
Mere words can be enough to scare us stiff.
In his feature debut, Sean Hogan makes full use of this effect.
The methodically slow tempo waits for the right time to strike.
Lengthy monologues, which let the intensity and emotion
of the speaker shine through, sides with claustrophobia and
old sins not forgotten. Two hit men, Penner and Cully, one a
seasoned veteran, the other young and inexperienced, hold
out in a house waiting for their target to return. Penner tells a
chilling story about a dancer he was hired to kill. As he is telling
the story, the two hit men begin to realize that things aren´t as
they should in the house. They are not alone. Being forced to
look though the garage, they stumble upon something of both
satanic and profound personal darkness.

Joakim Sten

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