The Demolisher

When police officer Samantha survives a gang-related assault, she is bound to a life at home in her wheelchair far away from where she wants to be. Together with her husband Bruce, Samantha tries to hold herself and their life together. But Bruce cannot let go of the tormenting distress and fury over what happened to his wife.

By day Bruce works as a repairman but by night he puts on his revenge suit and wander the streets, searching for the gang that destroyed his wife’s life and by so, his as well. It does not take long before the powerlessness has went to his head and crackled his very last sense of right and wrong. The repairman must make room for an undiscriminating demolisher who sees everyone as guilty.

The Demolisher is both viciously brutal and heartbreakingly gentle at the same time and seemingly more interested in what violence does to a human than in the violence itself. With an electrifyingly magical soundtrack vibrating of an echo of the 80s and astonishing cinematography, Gabriel Carrer gives us a gut-wrenching revenge film as we’ve never seen it before.

Afsaneh Larsson

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