The Canal

David, a film archivist, fears that his wife is cheating on him. He sneaks after her to see if his suspicions are correct. The next day, his wife is missing and his life, that previously seemed so orderly, now starts to fall apart in a downward spiral of nightmares, accusations and horrifying visions.

At work, he has recently seen some archive footage from 1902 that shows a brutal murder taking place in the house where he lives with his family. He now suspects that a dark, supernatural force is behind the disappearance, while the investigating police are rather more convinced that David himself is the guilty one. What and who can we trust as the hunt for the truth is being played out on the big screen that our eyes are fixated on?

The Canal is an exciting and well played psychologic thriller with hints of Nicolas Roeg’s amazing classic Don’t Look Now (1973). The film pulls you to the edge of your seat with visual kicks and great twists, laced with a strong underlying theme of psychological and physical violence in close relationships.

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