Boro In The Box+11 Shorts

Presented by the Polish Institute in Stockholm and The Polish Film Institute

One of FFF’s passions is putting a magnifying glass over the
forgotten and finding great art in what others would call kitsch
or camp. Polish film maker Walerian Borowczyk was called
everything from simple pornographer to master of imagery.
Terry Gilliam named him one of the foremost animators of all
time. Borowczyk was praised for his experimental, nightmarish
short films in festivals all over the world during the 50’s and
60’s. As he went into feature films, stretching the boundaries
for censure regarding erotica and religion even further, the
Establishment turned its back on him.
Boro in the Box, shown in the Director’s Fortnight program in
Cannes, is as much a celebration of Borowczyk’s aesthetic as it
is a biography. No doubt, Borowczyk himself would have been
very pleased. No boring talking heads, just kafkaesque lunacy
and surrealism á la Borowczyk.

After the screening of Boro in the Box we will present a unique
collection of Borowczyk’s short films from 1957–1968 on 35mm
film – a once in a lifetime opportunity!
The following 11 shorts will be screened:
Once Upon a Time, 1957, Poland (co-director Jan Lenica)
The Banner of Youth, 1957, Poland (co-director Jan Lenica)
School, 1958, Poland
Love Requited, 1958, Poland (co-director Jan Lenica)
House, 1959, Poland (co-director Jan Lenica)
Concert, 1962, France
Renaissance, 1964, France
The Game of Angels, 1965, France
Joachim’s Dictionary, 1965, France
Diptyque, 1967, France
Gavotte, 1968, France

Lars Diurlin

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