The Beast Pageant

Abe lives with two machines in a dystopian, over-industrialised
world. Machines control his whole life. The Father Machine
shows him collage-like ads on a screen and provides him with
everything he needs practically (mostly fish). The Mother
Machine has a soft, melodic voice and says “Good morning
Abraham” and “Welcome home Abraham”. It also has soft arms
and lips that let him feel the tenderness he sees on television
and in his dreams. But one day, a strange scab appears on his
belly and out pops a singing little cowboy! Accompanied by the
tiny cowboy, Abe breaks free from his technological nightmare
and runs off into the wild through a huge mouse hole in his
This incredibly surrealistic story is one of the most happifying
films at this year’s festival! We promise you much confusion
and musical numbers with trees, rocks and tiny nudists.
But watch out for the Watermelon Man. He comes in many

Celeste Sjölin

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