Sometimes, you watch a film that you just don’t want to stop, ever! When the action and tension keep rising, when anything can happen next and you’re laughing and cheering the badass anti-heroes all the way to success. Credits roll, and you take your first calm breath in 90 minutes. Well, that’s pretty much what happened when we saw this dirty, gritty and truly awesome southern rock ‘n’ roll shoot-’em-up extravaganza, which could perhaps best be described as Tarantino crashes with Kings Of Leon in 200 mph!

The Oodie brothers, the sweatiest outlaws south of the Mason-Dixon line, get a visit from Celeste (Eva Longoria) who wants them to rescue her godson from her mafioso ex-husband Carlos (Billy Bob Thornton). They take the case, not knowing that Carlos has a few tricks up his sleeve – tricks such as a ferocious gang of Native American warriors, a bunch of strippers-gone-assassins and a truckload of apocalyptic Mad Max-gangsters!

Lars Diurlin

(The screening is co-presented Universal)

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