A barely legal scream queen and her even younger new step brother are forced to defend themselves against the mobsters who killed their parents. Luckily for Lauren, Owen turns out to be way more fucked up than anyone realised and has all kinds of tricks up his sleeves (not to mention razorblades in his mouth).

This is awesome. Like Home Alone without the childish slapstick and undertones of having-to-feel-sorry-for-Macaulay-Culkin-because-his-childhood-was-ruined-by-Michael-Jackson. You really can’t feel sorry for these kids even if you want to. They’re simply too messed up. Not taking any crap whatsoever, they clean house, realising along the way that while blood may be thicker than water, it doesn’t actually have to be inside anyone’s veins.

The kid playing creepy Owen should win just about every single acting award he can get, the cinematography is great and the evil mob boss is played by the always perfect Ray Wise (Leland from Twin Peaks).

Celeste Sjölin

Short film: Curiosity Kills
A radioactive bag. A mouse. Bean soup, as taken from the traditional school kitchen. And a very eager boy on top of that. What can possibly go wrong? Nothing of course!
Directed by
: Sander Maran

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