Tad is an awesome adventurer and a successful archaeologist… in his dreams! In reality Tad is a boring construction worker from Chicago with an absolutely uneventful life.

But one day Tad is mistaken for a real archaeology professor. He gets sent to Peru to assist in the search for the mysterious lost city of Paititi. There he meets professor Lavrof and his stunning daughter Sara, who Tad immediately falls for. Together they set out to find the lost city.

But unfortunately for Tad, Sara is already engaged to the famous Max Mordon. But nobody suspects is that Mordon is actually in cahoots with the shady Odysseus corporation, and they have their own dubious reasons to search for Paititi.

The clay animations are reminiscent of Wallace and Gromit, while the adventure would make Indiana Jones himself stand back in awe. Tad, the Lost Explorer is definitely Spain’s biggest animated production this year and you’d be a fool to miss it!

Ammar Al Subahi

(The screening is co-presented by Studio Canal)

Short film: Julia and the Fright
An animation about the little girl Julia who is afraid. She is quite afraid and her fright also manifest itself into a being. You can overcome fright but that doesn’t mean it has to disappear.
Directed by: Anja Sidler

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