Sweet Vengeance


Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. This is especially true in this gorgeous western, where the beatutiful, sandy landscape is present enough to almost deserve a mention in the credits.

January Jones (Mad Men) is Sarah, a poor but happy woman living with her husband Miguel in the New Mexico Territory. They don’t have much, but they get by. But one day, Miguel doesn’t come home, and happiness is forever lost. Sarah goes to find out what happened to him, and to get her revenge. But Sarah is just one piece on the board in this extensive game of wills.

Starring Jason Isaacs (the Harry Potter films, etc) as self-proclaimed Prophet Josiah, who has a rather ungodly agenda of his own, and Ed Harris (A History of Violence) as wonderfully eccentric Sheriff Jackson who is trying to untangle the mess, this finely shot, revenge fuelled western is one of this year’s must-sees – if only for January Jones’ ice cold way of handling the village pervert.

Text: Celeste Sjölin

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