A young couple is lost on the Florida roads. The sun is scorching, the emotions confused. Aggression and passion put pressure on already tingling nerves. Crystal and Leo are on the run, pressed to get wherever, as long as its far away from where they are now. There is a gun in the glove compartment and something way worse in the trunk. In the sweltering heat their car breaks down. Jealousy, anxiety and dreams of another life boil over, while the picture of what has led them to there comes together, piece by piece.

Director, producer, writer and actress Amy Seimetz is part of a new wave of interesting indie filmmakers active in the US. Sun Don’t Shine is her directorial debut and was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the South by Southwest-festival in Austin. It is a confident and lyrical nightmare journey that brings to mind Badlands, The Sugarland Express and last year’s LIFFF-hit Bellflower, with similar feelings of desolution.

Joakim Sten

Attending guest: Amy Seimetz

Short film: Unfarewell
We get to follow a boy who lives in an idyllic village where the inhabitants live off the land. Most of all the boy likes to play with his grand-father, but the grandfather knows that the dark secret of the village will soon interrupt their play.
Directed by: Ainhoa Menéndez

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