According to Romanian folklore ’strigoi’ are the dead who have not yet found peace. They walk among the living and look no different as when they were alive, have a fathomless appetite and like to suck the blood of the living.  To kill one of these creatures one has to first cut out their heart before burying them. Strigoi is in other words a kind of vampires, but not like any vampires we’ve ever seen before as now in Faye Jackson’s debut.

When Vlad, an outsider, returns to his small Romanian village after a disappointing trip to Italy, he notices a change in the villagers. Disputes over land, missing cigarettes and his own inexplicable fatigue mixed with odd deaths and strange behaviour, Vlad must get to the bottom of it!

Strigoi is a wonderfully dark, provincial and exciting vampire tale with a charmingly twisted sense of humour and elements of improvised dance parties that put a twinkle in your eye. In a genre that seems to have lost its flare for blood and is stuck on all things shiny, Strigoi pulsates with innovation and homemade blood.

Strigoi won the Méliès d’argent in Neuchatel at the beginning of July and is a strong contender for Best European Fantastic Film at the Sitges film festival.

Afsaneh Larsson

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