Algeria 1960. A section of French soldiers are sent into the Algerian desert in search of the remains of a missing aircraft, possible survivors and, perhaps most importantly, a locked suitcase with top secret content. Chased by Algerian guerrilla, pounded by sandstorms and out of contact with command, the troops find refuge in an isolated desert village. But they have awakened something in the desert far worse than sandstorms or guerrilla; they have awakened the Djinns…

Stranded is the international title of the French-Moroccan produced film, which originally had the perhaps more descriptive title Djinns. The film is set against the backdrop of the long and bloody Algerian war 1954-1962, which resulted in independence from France for Algeria. Stranded is basically a tense war drama, portraying strong characters from both sides of the conflict. Add to this a strong supernatural ingredient, which further enriches the tale. The result is a dark, multifaceted and exiting desert thriller!

Maximillian Lestander

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