Erik (Jürgen Vogel) runs a motorcycle repair shop in the country and lives an average life with his girlfriend and step-daughter when a hooded stranger starts stalking him. Henry (Moritz Bleibtrau), as the stalker finally presents himself, is here to help. He seems to know about Erik’s past, about the mysterious campers showing up outside Erik’s shop and the inevitable and bloody face-off with the feared crime lord Keitel (Georg Friedrich). Guided by Henry, Erik has to unravel his own dark past and confront things he has long suppressed.

Writer-Director Maximillan Erlenwein (Schwerkraft) builds the tension by imbuing every moment of film with uncertainties that make this familiar tale of a protagonist-with-a-mysterious-past a feat of its own, paced to techno beats, a solid cast, as well lush and stylish camerawork.

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