Stake Land

Vampire hunter Mister and his apprentice Martin are travelling
north through a shattered U.S.A. infested with vampires,
hoping to find a haven in a place called New Eden in Canada.
They keep to the country roads, as the cities are too dangerous
to enter. During their journey, they are confronted not only
with vampires, but also with groups of survivors, such as the
radical Brotherhood.
Stake Land is something of a reinvention of the vampire film
genre. Here, vampires are not like ordinary people, with only
differing dietary needs and internal clocks. Here, vampires are
wild and filthy creatures, by whom it wouldn’t be the least nice
to be bitten.
This post-apocalyptic film also has something to say about
the evils humans are capable of. The film has had previous
screenings in Cannes and Berlin, and has also won an award in
Toronto. Starring Connor Paolo from Gossip Girl, Kelly McGillis
from Top Gun and Michel Cerveris from Fringe.

Maximillian Lestander

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