After his mother’s painful death to cancer, Evan
abandons life in the US, gets on a flight to Italy and
drifts aimlessly among hostels and backpackers.
In a sleepy coastal town, he meets Louise, a young
woman whose unfathomable nature he cannot
even begin to comprehend.

That’s all I’ll tell you. There are those films you simply
shouldn’t know much about before watching, films
that want to make you lose your footing, get you
lost in something new and unknown. Also, nothing
that can be said in less than a thousand words even
begins to do directing duo Benson and Moorhead’s
(Resolution) layer cake of heart break any justice. Try
imagining Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise/Sunset/
Midnight with occult, ancient mythos simmering
just below the surface.

With sensitive cinematography, confident directing
and truly engaging acting, Spring turns of our longing
to be reborn, to live in a moment as if it is eternal and
to really be able to feel love. No great wonder then,
why it has become one of the most talked about genre
films of the past year.

Joakim Sten

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