On the outskirts of a tiny Welsh village lies Talbot Cottage, to the villagers a constant reminder of what happened all those years ago. This is where Audrey comes, following her suicide attempt, to sort out her feelings about her own past.

As if being alone with her thoughts in a big, strange house wasn’t enough, at night she hears unexplainable noises and something seems to lurk in the shadows. It all seems to originate from the locked upstairs room, where no one is supposed to have been in years. When Audrey asks her landlords, an elderly couple in the village, they avoid the subject. She’s left alone with the greater question: what does the presence want with her?

The gothic romatic mood and the beautiful rural sceneries are att the core of Axelle Carolyn’s (Centurion) first feature film as director. It’s a low-key drama about the way back to a normal life as well as a restrained ghost story by the classic format. The mystery is driven by the character interactions as Audrey, parallel with the audience, gets to discover the reasons behind the village’s secrecy.

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