Some Guy Who Kills People

Ken Boyd is what some might call a loser. He’s 34 years old,
fresh out of the loony bin and lives with his mum. His job at the
ice cream parlour isn’t that encouraging and as if this wasn’t
enough Ken is tormented by memories from the time he was
brutally bullied by the idiots at school. But we know better than
to call him a loser, don’t we?
All of a sudden things in Ken’s life begin to fall into place.
His 11 year old daughter pops up, and someone, whose first
name might be Special, wants to trade her number for a scoop
of chocolate bananza. At the same time the heads of Ken’s
tormentors begin to fall… out of place. What is to happen with
Ken’s happiness when the confused but screamingly funny
town police start to unravel the murder tangle?
Ryan A. Levin has given us a black comedy that mixes gore and
mystery with brilliant dialogue, and quirky but sincere characters,
that will leave you with a smile that stretches several laps
around your head.

Afsaneh Larsson

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