Sometimes things happen when you least expect it! The program was set, the screening times were set and it was just the fine details left, or so I thought. Then a festival friend contacted me with a tip about a movie and because she usually has a good taste, I gave it a chance and oh by, am I happy that I did!

That movie was this, the German Snowflake or Schneeflökchen as it’s called in it’s original language! The most fucked up German fairytale since the Brothers Grimm as they call it and a better description, you can not find! This is so damn entertaining, smart, violent and brilliant that I don’t know where to begin!

This is a movie that is best going into knowing as little as possible, but here’s a short synopsis: we meet Tan and Javid who are looking for their families murderers in a future anarchist Berlin filled with amazing characters. By accident they find a script that seems to be about them even in the smallest detail. They look up the scriptwriter, a dentist with author ambitions and then all hell breaks loose!

For God’s sake do not miss this amazing genre cocktail!

Text: Johan Barrander

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