Shortfilms: Focus on SKåne

This years festival will put a special focus on fantastic shorts from Skåne. The films will be presented in their own Shortfilms package.

A paneldiscussion about fantastic filmmaking in the region will follow the screening.

The following films will be screened:

The Behemoth

A pharmacist arrives to a town were her services aren’t needed since everyone are so damn well. She solves that “problem” by envoking an entity, a thing, that makes everyone having nightmares, for which the pharmacist of course can offer a cure.

Directed by: Rafael Pettersson

The Superhero

Children are always convinced that their parents can do just about anything. But little Sonja takes it a little too seriously and a tired, literally beaten up dad becomes… a superhero! A beautiful short film that shows us the dangers of an over-active imagination.

Directed by: Csaba Bene Perlenberg


Laura runs over and kills a man with her car. She takes him home and cleans and keeps him. She eats and sleeps with him and in between she stores him in the freezer. After a visit from her sister she understands that she can’t go on like this.

Directed by: Carin Bräck

Tune For Two

A snowy road. Two men. An execution. But… what happens? Well-made, surprising, cool, special and really, really difficult to write about.

Directed by: Gunnar Järvstad

The Mighty Hunter

When the slightly odd big game hunter has gone to bed under all his trophies on the wall they start to make up plans to avenge the murders of them all. Beware all hunters!

Directed by: Michael Ekblad

The Musical Mr Finch

Animation about the little musician Mr Finch who is locked up in a bird cage where he is forced to play all day long to please a mean old bat. One day he takes his chances to escape. You know, how could it be worse than it is?


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