It’s with great pleasure that we will present the European premiere of Christian Hallman’s Sensoria. Hallman has been a big part of LIFFF and the European festival community for years and now makes his feature film debut with this atmospheric ghost story written by another old LIFFFer; Måns FG Thunberg.

Caroline has lost everything and in search of a new beginning, she moves into an old apartment. But she soon realises that everything is not what it seems, her more or less odd neighbours seems to be hiding something from her and the only person she can turn to is a young girl. More and more strange and unexplainable things starts to happen and Caroline starts to question her own sanity and her hold on reality. Is she really as alone as she thinks?

With interesting camera work, a brilliant score from Frank Ilfman (Big Bad Wolves), well made set pieces and some really strong performances Hallman creates a haunting mood piece of a kind seldom seen in Swedish film.

Johan Barrander

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