When his DJ career doesn’t pan out as he would have thought, Phil has to find another way to make a living. Before he knows it he gets hired by a local telemarketing company. It doesn’t take long before he realises why it was to easy for him to get the job, the company seems to hire just about anyone! His colleagues consists of lunatics, junkies, killes and ex-criminals.

In a line of business already notorious for its lack of morality, Phil does everything he can not to get involved in his co-workers illegal schemes, something easier said than done when you work with them five days a week. Quickly he becomes just like them: a cheating, unsympathetic scumbag, with nothing but partying and money on his mind. His only chance of returning his sanity is to reconnect with his girlfriend Christine, who day by day drifts further away from Phil and his raunchy lifestyle.

Text: Jacob Habinc

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