Paul is 38 years old. He has long hair and glasses, works as a photographer for one of Dublin’s biggest newspapers and has no friends. He is, in short, a nerd. He often goes to visit his old father at the nursing home, where he flirts carefully with the attractive nurse Michelle.

Then one day a brutal, random attack from two youngsters ruins it all: Paul’s view of himself, of his work and of the world around him. After a time of constant paranoia and panic attacks, he decides to do something about it. But in his struggle to regain the confidence and control he has lost, he ends up losing it completely.

Savage manages to handle an important subject – violence against men by men and the question of what “manliness” actually entails – while remaining as exciting as an action movie and as scary as a horror film. Savage flirts with our senses and pulls us into the emotional world of a deeply traumatised person in a way that is in equal parts captivating, exciting and interesting. Not to mention disturbing.

Celeste Sjölin

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