Christmas comes early for fans of the nasty stuff. The Dutch
horrorveteran Dick Maas’ (Amsterdamned, The Lift, Killer
Babies) new film Saint became contorversial even before its
release due to its poster which upset parents ment would
ruin christmas and traumatize their children. Priceless PR, of
It’s the christmas holidays in Amsterdam and a couple of girls
are walking home from school, scaring each other with the
urban legend concerning Sinterklaas (americanized as Santa
Claus), according to legend he was a murderous bishop who
returns from the dead if the moon is full on 5 december to kill
inocent kids, guess if it’s fullmoon that night.. It could just as
well been the fall break in Haddonfield.
Maas really knows his John Carpenter and his Wes Craven
and has created a well-packaged tongue-in-cheek slasher-film
homage with non-stop action. You better watch out, you better
not cry, Santa Claus is coming to town.

Jakob Åsell

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