Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni kenshin
We all have one or two regrets in life. Some have more. Kenshin Himura belongs to the latter kind. The year is 1868 and after extinguishing everyone who came in his way as the ruthless assassin Hitokiri Battousai, he suddenly vanishes.

It is now ten years later. He has wandered across the whole empire and tried to pay his dues by helping the helpless, without harming, without killing. His famous sword has been traded in for one with the sharp end turned the wrong way. Now, he is pulled into a fateful mess and forced to meet both his past and his future, everything with an inverted sword.

The film is based on the manga series by Nobuhiro Watsuki and with this movie, Keishi Ohtomo has created a violent but atmospheric samurai movie where sound, music, imagery and fighting choreography put their arms around us and pull us in. Shut down your computer and run to Kino. Films like this one are what remind us that yes, movies
really ARE at their very, very best in cinemas.

Text: Afsaneh Larsson

(The screening is co-presented by Mangakai)

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