ROOM 237

A simple question – thousands of different answers. No, not the meaning of life, something more important – What is The Shining really about? That’s what this documentary tries to answer. Few filmmakers have puzzled people like Stanley Kubrick. Rainforests have been annihilated in the making of essays about the music in A Clockwork Orange and the symbolism of 2001. But with Room 237, dechiffrering Kubrick gets entertaining and the line between cinephilia and madness has never been so thin.

Anything goes in Room 237, theories range from logic interpretations to outrageous conspiracy theories. For example, one guy is convinced that The Shining is an apology from Kubrick for faking the Apollo 13-moonlanding footage.

This is about much more than just mad writers and tricycles. Whether you see it as an odyssey into the mind of a cinematic genius or an anthropological study of film students is your choice. Either way you’ll have a blast.

Jakob Åsell

(The screening will take place at Mejeriet and is co-presented by Doc Lounge and Non Stop Entertainment)

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