If you’ve ever wanted to see a Japanese temple transform into a giant robot and start tearing down a city, Godzilla style, then this is the film for you!

In Noburu Iguchi’s Robogeisha we follow two sisters who are rivals. The older one works as a geisha while the other cleans and helps her sister. When a business man discovers the younger sister’s athletic abilities he wants to turn her into a geisha, and not just any geisha, but Robogeisha! Both sisters are turned into killing machines who can shoot knives from their armpits and napalm from their hair and his plans are for the sisters to help him in his evil plans forged together with the deadly Tengu-twins. As the older sister embraces her evil side, the younger one follows her good side and the unavoidable confrontation is upon us.

Iguchi, who previously directed Machine Girl (2008), once again gives us a film that overflows with twisted humour, wacky latex creations and lots of awesome action sequences!

Johan Barrander

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