What started as a little snowball in the outskirts of L.A. has rolled its way through the film landscape and collected fans at well-established festivals like Tribeca and Fantasia. Now, it’s finally northern Europe’s turn to get a piece of the smart little indie production that’s quickly turning into an avalanche.

With one foot in mumblecore and one in classical mysteries, the creators have made something completely new. A detective story for the slacker generation spiced with drug-withdrawal and crazy sects.

Good-guy Michael receives a video of his old friend Chris flipping out on crystal meth in an indian reservation with a rifle in his hands. He drives over and and tries to make Chris go to rehab. But Chris says ”no, no, no”. Michael, however, won’t give up and while the two grow closer, Michael finds strange clues all over the place. They realise that someone is watching them. But who? The drug dealers? The indians? Or the crazy sect?

Lars Diurlin

Attending guests: Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson

(The screening is co-presented by XYZ Films)

Short film: The White Lady
Just like the old urban stories, a driver picks up a hitch-hiking girl. The only thing she says during the ride is ”your end is near”. When the car crashes, the girl disappears, only leaving behind a neckless that will result in a quest for answers.
Directed by: Arnaud Baur

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