Philippine films are rare enough in our corner of the world, but this really is a pearl of hilarity and joy, and joyness! You can’t be prepared for it. It can’t be explained. But we’ll try.

As a kid, Remington walks around teasing gay guys and is put under a ”curse”: when he grows up, he’ll become gay, too. Time passes, Remington grows up and meets a pretty girl. That’s when it starts to happen. Borrowing his little sisters t-shirts. The butterfly tattoo. Glitter and rainbows and dancing. At the same time, a serial killer is on the loose in town, killing gays with his gaydar gun which also turns the victims into Diana Ross lookalikes. Who later turn into zombies. Posing zombies. In the middle of all this, Remington has some life altering decisions to make.

An incredible film with a strong anti-homophobic (albeit not very politically correct) message. You will laugh yourselves to death. And be resurrected to a fabulous afterlife.

Celeste Sjölin

(The screening is co-presented by M-Appeal)

Short film: Professor Brofman
If your husband’s been behaving strangely lately, it could be because he is a vampire. But fear not. Professor Brofman will come to the rescue. This short offers vampires, a love triangle, and musical performances.
Directed by: David Macián

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