Religion/supernatural: Laserpope

The most amazing..! Well, I have no idea. Spoof? Homeage? A new Omen? No, it’s a film that like Robocop is about a man who gets seriously wounded but by the care of surgeons arises as a cyborg. When it comes to the violence there are also great similarities, it is all about heavy action. The difference? Not bigger than that in the old one it was a cop, here it’s the Pope! The film bears no mercy towards religion, the cardinals are depictured as money and power hungry hedonists and also muslims are depictured rude. This is a sort of start up for a feature, I give standing ovations and really hope that they reach their goal.

  • Original title: Laserpope
  • Playing time: 4 mins.
  • Format: DCP
  • Released:
  • Country:
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  1. Vera says:

    I really love the director because hi is so cute, and his film is awesome

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