Intergalactic races, fascist generals, colourful personalities and pure rock ‘n’ roll. The veteran animator, Takeshi Koike, storms in with his feature film debut, ‘Redline’, a film which develops the particular interpretation of classic anime, which he demonstrated in his contribution to the collectively animated ‘The Animatrix’. We follow JP, a young outsider who sports an Elvis haircut and wears tight leather clothing who indirectly ends up being invited to Redline, the largest racing event of the universe. It is a race where all strategies, tricks and bombs are permitted, and where the organisers have added an extra challenge, by placing the competitors on an uninviting planet, controlled by a fascist general with a love of big explosions. The wild pace and Koike’s unorthodox style are the focal points of a film which combines fast-paced car chases with imaginative, absurdly comical twists and a gallery of characters that is colourful, to say the least. There are equal parts ‘Death Race 2000′ and ‘Days of Thunder’, with plenty of hysterical, Japanese clout on top.

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