Red, White & Blue

‘Sex. Heart ache. Revenge.’ Simon Rumley’s stunning drama is all that and more with its blood soaked rendition of human anxiety. It is violent, brutal and uneasy and just as shitty as life can be sometimes but that cannot be translated into the language of film. 

We follow Erica, an emotionally stunted young woman with a fear of intimacy and who often changes sex partners. The story takes place in Austin, Texas, where Erica is staying for a while. She gets a job at a warehouse and meets Nate, among others. He has a beard and an impenetrable gaze which causes Erica’s iron curtain to fall and he gets close to her. At this stage the audience may think that night becomes day, that emptiness is transformed into light affections or love and anxiety into blissful harmony, but they are sadly mistaken as the story becomes even darker.

Red, White & Blue is the festival’s strongest and most obscure creation and a marvelously charged and ruthless film with sharp editing and captivating imagery. From a psychic breakdown to a triangle drama that is not everyone’s’ cup of tea. (In other words: Viewer discretion advised)

Afsaneh Larsson

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