We have seen empty shopping centers and deserted roads, zombie filled towns and lonely houses. In the German film Rammbock, Marvin Kren takes us to a city block and shows us a different side to the well-known zombie genre. With some delightful and sympathetic characters and everyday realism that few zombie films portray, Rammbock touches both our hearts as well as our nerves. And of course with a great deal of intestines!

When our unlikely hero, Michael, travels to Berlin to visit his unsuspecting ex-girlfriend, he finds her apartment unlocked and empty. Instead he finds a young scoundrel who is not interested in Michael or his love troubles. It isn’t long before the two are made aware of the virus that has infected the city and they are forced to barricade themselves in the apartment. Suddenly they have to deal with plenty of zombie related issues together. But how long can they escape the virus and the infected? Will Michael get his love back? Where does the battering ram (rammbock) come into play? And what makes Michael suddenly put on a bear suit?

Afsaneh Larsson

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