Nicolas Winding Refn’s Pusher made a big splash in the mid-90′s. Right in the middle of the Danish Dogma wave came this grimey, violent and realistic gangster movie. The film followed the drugdealer Frank’s increasingly desperate situation on the streets, clubs and dimly-lit backrooms of the seedy side of Copenhagen.

In Luis Prieto’s British remake, the setting has moved from Copenhagen to London’s East End, and instead of Kim Bodnia, we see Richard Coyle from the TV-series Coupling in the role of Frank. As the extremely charismatic but scary Milo we get the always brilliant Zlatko Buric reprising his role from the original.

Prieto’s version keeps the frenetic tempo and the accelerating feeling of desperation and dread that made Refn’s original a modern classic. A special mention needs to go to the legendary techno band Orbital whose fantastic score helps drive the things to their conclusion and serves as a perfect frame for the film.

Johan Barrander

(The screening is co-presented by Non Stop Entertainment)

Short film: A Fistful of Sandwich
Two men meet at night at a parking garage for a samurai sword fight. The first one to bleed loses. Meanwhile the night guard carefully prepares a sandwich. He does not like to be disturbed.
Directed by: Philippe Leone

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