Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children

The teenage rebel mouse Dinky survived the devastating industrial accident on the island several years earlier – but is this really a life worth living? The post-apocalyptic existence is lined with darkness, death, uncomprehending parents, depression, glue-sniffing thug rats, drugs, psychosis and demons and Dinky has had enough. It is time to leave this godforsaken gravesite for an island. But she refuses to leave the mute outsider Birdboy behind.

Psychonauts, The Forgotten Children is based on the director, cartoonist and illustrator Alberto Vázquez’s own graphic novel “Psiconautas”. As soon as 2010 Vázquez created the multi-award winning short film Birdboy that can be seen as a prologue to the enchanting feature.

Don’t let the super cute appearances of the characters fool you – this dark fairytale gem really isn’t a kid’s flick. The story of Dinky, Birdboy and their friends, fiends and demons, is one of this year’s absolute best and most original animated films, with its humor and depth, pitch black social criticism and unrelenting warmth.

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