Australia continues to be one of the most interesting countries when it comes to genre films. Last year we had a whole section of the festival dedicated to it and this year we are once again showing several films from the land Down Under.

One of the films is Josh Reed’s film Primal, in which we follow a group of friends who have followed anthropology student Dace into the outback. They are searching for a legendary, 12 000 year old, rock painting that has only been seen by a single human before them; a pioneer who shortly after having seen the painting was consumed with madness and murdered his entire family.

They find the painting against all odds but after one of the girls quickly falls ill after swimming in a nearby water hole their adventure suddenly turns into a nightmare. She quickly develops a sick and violent behavior, almost animalistic, and as she starts to attack the group members they soon realize that they stand  face to face with an ancient evil.

Reed follows in his father’s footsteps as a director and with Primal, he creates a loaded and well made wilderness horror that constantly builds up an increasing feeling of discomfort and excitement all the way to the very end.

Johan Barrander

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