Priest of Evil

One man’s struggle against the world’s evil. A serial killer with
religious motives is on the loose in downtown Helsinki, where
he unnoticed pushes his victims down on subway tracks. On
the case is detective Timo Harjunpää, who now stands before
the most important challenge of his life.
After his oldest daughter was murdered in a random attack
some years ago, Timo’s wife Elisa has turned to her faith for
consolation. When it dawns on Timo that she still blames him
for their daughter’s death, he moves out. But if Timo wasn’t
able to protect his family when he lived with them, how is he
supposed to now?
A dark, exciting police/giallo movie, a little like a Finnish mix
between Beck and Se7en. A psychological thriller filled with
danger, love, violence, and last but not least strong-and-silent
type Finnish men out to defend mankind.

Celeste Sjölin

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