Time travel. The eternal paradox. We all know it doesn’t really work (google “bootstrap paradox”, for an example). But what if… What if you could go back in time and change the future? Would you want to?

With Predestination, The Spierig brothers (twins, actually!) make a big leap in mood and tone from their previous film, the vampire-themed semi-apocalyptic Daybreakers. And they handle the transition excellently. The mood is always perfect, and the setting is impeccable.

Predestination tells the complex story of a time-traveling agent and his final assignment. Played by Ethan Hawke (Training Day; Dead Poets Society; Lord of War), he assumes the role of a bartender. One of his patrons, played by Sarah Snook (Sleeping Beauty; Not Suitable for Children), is slowly persuaded to share a story like none the bartender has heard before. Or at least, that’s what she believes.

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