Point Blank

Anything For Her, Fred Cavaye’s debut thriller from 2008 was a huge success and later remade in the US as The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe as the lead. Now he’s finally back with another  adrenaline pumping actionthriller.

Samuel, a nurse becomes a witness to the attempted murder of a patient, one that is revealed to be a big shot criminal. He manages to save the patients life, but his heroes tale soon turns into a nightmare. There are a lot of people who wants to get their hands on the patient. Samuels pregnant wife is kidnapped and they threaten to kill her.  He’s now got three hours to deliver the man to the kidnappers.

The film starts out going a 100 miles an hour and never takes it’s foot off the gas, Cavaye handles his muscle-car with a masters hand, and the end result is a furiously paced and riveting game of cat and mouse, that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Johan Barrander

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