Panic Button

How many times haven’t you just clicked past the terms and
conditions on a web site with the thought ”what’s the worst
that could happen?”
We get the answer in Panic Button. Four strangers (oh well,
they’ve checked up each others online profiles) win an all
expenses paid trip to New York on board a luxurious private jet
courtesy of social networking site Once they’re
airbourne, after a few glasses of champagne, the in-flight entertainment
begins – a game of truth or dare which unveils dark
secrets about their Internet habits and soon gets the passengers
to turn on each other.
Despite its limited budget and small stage (the drama plays
out almost exclusively on board the jet) Panic Button both
keeps you pinned in your seat and makes you think about your
own online privacy. Can we really stand for everything we do
online? Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for tense thriller at high
altitude. Social networking has never been scarier.

Jakob Åsell

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