OXV: The Manual


In a world not quite now, not quite ours, a scientific discovery has changed the structure of society and the relations between its people. Luck is defined from birth and is measured after how in sync you are with the world, your “frequency”. The higher someone’s frequency is, the lower their empathy, and vice versa. When two individuals with opposing frequencies meet, disaster occurs, for themselves but also for those around them.

Darren Paul Fischer’s film is a philosophical-scientific romance. In sections we follow Marie-Curie Fortune and Isaac-Newton Midgley from childhood to adult life. Their relationship is doomed from the start since they are on opposite sides of the frequency. But curiosity and attraction drive them to challenge order and question if knowledge defines destiny. The result is an impressive tale that asks what becomes of a society that knows everything about our genetic potential and what happens if we try to defy it.

Text: Joakim Sten

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