Open Windows

Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey are unwilling pawns in this innovative voyeur thriller that serves as a much-needed comment on the media and surveillance society.

Nick is sultry, shameless celebrity Jill Goddard’s biggest fan, and enters a contest hoping to win a dinner with her. Nick wins, but is denied his prize. But he is then contacted by a person going by the name Chord, who gives Nick the exclusive opportunity to spy on Jill through both surveillance cameras and her own webcam.

Nacho Vigalondo (Time Crimes, Extraterrestrial) has created a sofisticated desktop version of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. As our main character loses control of his own voyeurism and a stalking that is increasingly forced upon him by way of blackmail, our thoughts turn ever more to reality TV, surveillance and celebrity culture in a way that both questions and provokes. Here, both Jill and Nick are morally questionable victims in a larger scheme. But what is our own role as audience, as viewers? Are we not just as guilty, just as much victims?

The short film Grace under pressure is screened before the feature.

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