Norwegian Ninja

In 1984, the Norwegian diplomat Arne Treholt was arrested on
suspicion of treason. The scandal shook the Norwegian society
to the core. The strength of the evidence against Treholt was
disputed for a long time, and as these events took place during
the cold war, much of the information has previously been
Now we may finally experience the true story of the events
leading up to the Treholt affair. The history of how the patriot
Commander Arne Treholt and His Royal Majesty’s Ninja
Squadron saved Norway from a foreign power! Norwegian
Ninja can perhaps best be described as a psychedelic martialarts
political thriller. The film has had screenings in Cannes
and Sitges, received glowing reviews and won awards for best
actor as well as best director at Fantastic Fest 2010. Screenwriter
and director Thomas Cappelen Malling has previously
written the book ”Commander Arne Treholt’s Ninja Technique
II: Invisibility in Combat 1978”.

Maximillian Lestander

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