Much Ado About Nothing


Allowing Shakespeare to be interpreted by the man behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer and trade in The Globe Theatre for a luxury mansion in southern California might sound like a theatre critic’s worst fever nightmare. But when Joss Whedon took a break from shooting The Avengers and invited his actor friends from Firefly and The Cabin in the Woods to “party and recite Shakespeare” he wasn’t joking around, and the result is one of this year’s most unexpected treats.

Whedon moves from one-liners in the biggest of superhero blockbusters to the elegant verses of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies with an ease that makes it all seem like the most natural of career steps. Despite its black and white-cinematography, the tone is surprisingly modern. Much Ado is a uniquely delightful romantic comedy shot in only 12 days on a budget that barely would have covered the Hulk’s fruit basket. It’s a little gem made out of love, about love – and it’s contagious.

Text: Jakob Åsell

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