Monster Brawl

Once in a while a film comes along, that makes you jump
for joy and leaves you smiling like a little school girl in love.
Monster Brawl is one of those movies! The movie combines
two of the most fun things in the world; Professional wrestling
and monster movies into one gigantic wad of cotton candy.
Monster Brawl powerboms the living daylights out of you and
leaves you wanting more.
The premise is simple, it’s basically Wrestlemania starring
monsters. Frankenstein, The Mummy, Wolf-Man, Lady Vampire
and a host of other monster squares off in the ring to see who’s
the greatest monster brawler of them all! Featuring some
great monster make-up, killer (literally) wrestling maneuvers,
brilliant cameos as well Lance Henriksen delivering Mortal
Kombat like soundbites during the matches and commentary
from Kids In The Hall’s Dave Foley and Canadian great Art
Hindle. This one movie you just can’t miss at this years festival!

Johan Barrander

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