Milocrorze: A Love Story

People often say that visiting Tokyo for the first time is like
visiting another planet. You get the same feeling from watching
Milocrorze: A Love Story. When the credits roll up after one
and a half hour of love, hate, CGI-cats, Saturday Night Feverdancing
and endless katana fights in slow motion it feels like as
if you’ve been through a whole film festival.
This colourful spectacle of a movie tells three widely separated
stories, all about the obsessive hunt for the dream girl. In
addition to the ingenious transitions the story about the little
boy with the orange hair, the dancing relationship advisor who
provides tips such as ”twist her nipples – with confidence” and
the heartbroken samurai are connected through the fact that
they’re all played by actor Takayuki Yamada. Milocrorze is with
its anime-inspired narrative, its stylistic violence and Burtonesque
color palette this years most twisted and unique love
story, a reminder of all things fantastic about film festivals.

Jakob Åsell

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