Méliès d’argent short film

  • Date: 20 Sep, 00.00
The following short films have the oppurtunity to win a Méliès d’Argent for best short film:

One day Chinti sees a picture of Taj Mahal and gets so obsessed that he just has to build a copy of it. However, that isn’t so easy when you aren’t human – and there are
many obstacles on the way.

Screened before: Ernest & Celestine
Directed by: Natalia Mirzoyan

When the babysitting granny falls dead to the kitchen floor after having her last cigarette, the only one left to save the child is the ghost of its father.

Screened before: Elfie Hopkins
Directed by: Ellis Chan

Saw Misgivings

What would you do if you came home to your wife and found that she had a strange metal device on her head? Would you start investigating it or call for help? What the man in this comedy does is almost obvious.

Screened before: 205 – Room of Fear
Directed by: David Lilley

Sunset Day

The Corp believe they can postpone the end of the world, Sunset Day, by killing certain people. A member of The Corp has had enough. Marked by a childhood experience he starts to question the actions of the organization.

Screened before
: Wither
Directed by: Josep Antoni Duran

Mr Bear

This Christmas, our own Mr Bear is going to get an early gift. Someone will lose more than one finger when this family man shows what he is made of.

Screened before: Livid
Directed by: Andrés Rosende


A game of synesthetic imagination is created in an apartment. Sounds are evoking images and creating their own playful world.

Screened before: Le Tableau
Directed by: Przemyslaw Adamski

The Spectator

For the safety of the actors, the manager of the theater has installed a surveillance camera that records everything on stage. One of the actors is not very pleased about this and has his own way of dealing with the new situation..

Screened before
: Errors of the Human Body
Directed by: Christian Fischer

Voice Over
A male voice is telling a story accompanied by a vivid scene. Just as the story is about to end the voice corrects himself and starts over with a new story. And again. This touch can be devastating but it works wonderfully in this film.

Screened before: Vanishing Waves
Directed by: Martin Rosete

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