May I Kill U?

may i kill u

In the city of London, where the economy is in crisis, the social injustice is heavy and violence in the streets is out of hand, bicycle police Baz (Kevin Bishop) lives a quite ordinary but perhaps a bit uninteresting life. Up until the day when he suffers a concussion that rattles his very own views on life and turns him from a reliable bureaucrat to what’s best described as a contemporary unsanctioned Judge Dredd – a patrolling judge and executioner, all in one person.

Before Judge Baz everyone is equal: wife beaters, shoplifting seniors and suicidal teenagers with criminal records. However, since he is British, Baz is at least polite enough to always ask one question before the execution: ”May I kill you?”

May I Kill U? is a film for those who’ve grown tired of all the colorful and polished superhero movies that have occupied the cinemas for the last decade. A film for those who don’t flinch because of some police brutality and for those who think that both Batman and Spider-Man have way too many moral boundaries.

Text: Oscar Sundell

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