Pascal Laugiers Martyrs from 2008 really was the
piece de resistance of the wave of extreme horror
that came out of France in the last decade. Laugier
took something that was already at 10 and cranked
it up to 12. Seven years later it’s now time for the US
remake produced by Blumhouse Pictures (Paranormal
Activity, Sinister) and directed by the Goetz
brothers. And the question is: will they be able to
top Laugiers Tour de force?

Lucie, haunted by her experiences as a captive as
child, is planning revenge on the family that kept
her, along with her friend Anna. She finally finds
them and together they set out to settle the score.
What awaits them is a nightmare where dark secrets
will be revealed and if they don’t manage to escape,
a martyr’s fate…

While more polished than the original, this
Hollywood remake manages to maintain the same
feeling of utter madness and being trapped in the
worst of nightmares that Laugiers movie had.
This is not a movie for those that are faint of heart,
but anyone willing to take a trip into madness will
be richly rewarded!

Johan Barrander

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